Terms of use

In that section of our site, we help customers familiarize themselves with the terms of use of our site. That is a necessary condition for maintaining order and avoiding certain difficulties. We strongly recommend you carefully read all the points to exclude the possibility of misunderstandings that may arise between the client and our gambling house. Here you can find items such as:

  • The subject matter of the agreement;
  • Creating a casino account;
  • Financial matters;
  • Participation in tournaments;
  • Responsibility.

We want to make your stay at the casino comfortable. However, each site has its own rules because the law applies everywhere, and we are no exception. Please read our terms of use of the site to avoid unwanted errors in the future.

The subject matter of the agreement

The subject of the agreement is primarily the regulation of the interaction between the client and the casino. That applies to the order of the game and financial transactions, both real and digital money. The subject of the agreement also includes participation in promotions and bonus offers.

That agreement comes into force immediately after publication on the site of our gambling hub. Thus, it is already in operation and is the basis for the further safe play of our customers. Since the user agreement comes into force immediately after your registration, you should immediately read it to know your capabilities and what we can provide you. That's how we will be able to establish high-quality interaction between the casino and you as our client much faster.

Creating a casino account

It is worth mentioning that only persons who have reached the age of majority can register on the site of our casino. Typically 18 or 21 years of age. If you are still under the age of majority, we will have no choice but to ask you to leave our site.

Also, not all users from all countries can access our site. That is due to certain legal and commercial reasons why not every country supports gambling legality. Before registering on our site, you should make sure that gambling is legal in your country to avoid an unconscious violation of the law. If our site works properly in your region despite legal and commercial prohibitions, that is not a call for gamblers against the ordinance. In that case, we ask you to be careful and study that paragraph of your country's legislation in detail.

When creating an account, the client must be aware that we will use all the information he provides to confirm his identity. The casino may request additional information to verify your identity and apply additional requirements if there are difficulties in that matter. For example, we may ask you to contact us via a video link to verify your identity. If the client cannot provide us with the necessary documents for that, we reserve the right to suspend the operation of his account. His account will not be valid until he provides the necessary documents.

Financial matters

In our casino, the client is the only person responsible for the legality of his personal use of the gambling service. According to the legislation in force in his country, of course. Thus, you are responsible for all risks while playing for money by registering on our website. Also, the player has the right to deposit funds to his game account exclusively from his EPS account, bank card, or phone. If we record an act of violation in this area, we'll have no choice but to cancel all your winnings.

We payout for winnings in our gambling hub daily, and it usually takes no more than 24 hours. It will depend on the method you are using during the withdrawal of your funds. You can receive your winnings within 6 working days. If you want to know about the terms of enrollment in more detail, you should go to the Payment Methods section on our website.

Participation in tournaments

Everyone who has an account on our website can take part in the tournaments of our casino. You need to click on the Participate button to start participating. You will also have to place bets in conditions that you can see below:

  • In cash game mode;
  • In tournament play;
  • Bets must be equal to the minimum allowable bet to participate.

During the tournament, our gambling house will post information such as the number of prizes, the prize pool's size, and the winners' rewards for each tournament in the message or on the tournament page. If the tournament participants have the same number of points, the highest place will take the one who completes the tournament first.


The casino is not responsible for the legality of the user's use of the gambling service. We cannot hold the responsibility for compliance or non-compliance by the client with our rules. If the player has violated the rules or legislation of his country, we do not take responsibility for that. That is one of the reasons why you need to study and know the terms of use of our site.

However, we take responsibility for your privacy. Our gambling undertakes not to disclose the client's personal information, including the history of his transactions.

By accepting these rules, you agree that the casino will notify you of all events in the casino using email. The main method of communication between the client and the player remains the email that the client indicates during registration.