Privacy Policy

We are glad to host you in our gambling hub! Each of our clients has the right to privacy, and we do our best to provide you with the best conditions. To ensure the security of our customers, we need to collect personal data. That section will tell you exactly why we collect that information and how we use it. Here you can find the following information to help you better understand how our site works:

  • Collection of personal data;
  • Use of personal data;
  • Protection of personal data.

Please read our privacy policy carefully to be sure of your safety.

Collection of personal data

All information you provide to us and which we will store in the future is standard and does not represent anything special. Our site does not need hidden or expanded data about your identity. We will not ask you to share certain personal information unless necessary. We need the data you share with us during your account creation. You will have to fill in your profile with the required data, which will not take much time and will help us keep you safe. All the information we need includes:

  • First and last name;
  • Email address;
  • Home address;
  • Date of Birth;
  • Phone number.

Please make sure that all the data you provide is correct. Otherwise, we will not be able to identify you. If all of our data on our site is fake, we will also not be able to help you with your problems or difficulties. Therefore, we ask you to be conscious and attentive while filling your account for your good.

Use of personal data

We have several reasons to collect and use your personal information. Of course, that is necessary for the best operation of the site and the safety of our customers. Thus, we manage to respond in time to fraud attempts and other unacceptable actions on our site. You can find out exactly how we use the information you provide below:

  1. Our customers don't have the full opportunity to use the site before entering their personal information. So you will have to register in our online casino first to get access to unlimited possibilities. Then, you will have the possibility to make money bets in games and have your own personal and full-fledged account. Until you register, you can visit our site exclusively as a guest.
  2. Our online casino does not allow access to persons under the age of majority. Therefore, we need proof of your legal age to prevent you from committing illegal acts by mistake. If you are underage, please leave our site until your visit to us is legal.
  3. Having access to your data, we will be able to fulfill all our obligations to you as our client fully.
  4. Our site also needs information about you to send notifications about the latest updates. Thus, you will be able to receive notifications about new bonuses, promotions, and updates on our site without any difficulty.
  5. Your personal information will help us prevent infringement attempts such as money laundering or other ways of displaying fraud in our online casino.

The other purposes for using your data you can find while providing it. In the event of a change in the final purpose of using your information, we undertake to notify you immediately.

Protection of personal data

We guarantee complete security and the safety of personal data to our customers. Our site will not send your data to government agencies or organizations. However, we will have to make an exception if Curacao legislation requires it. In that case, our online casino will send your data following the requirement.

We respect the wish of our clients to play confidentially. Each gambler has the right to that, and we provide such an opportunity. Our clients can opt-out of receiving our gambling house newsletters by SMS or email at any time. That way, you can remain incognito if you wish. If that is not what you need and would like to complete your personal information, you can do it in your profile.

The gambling house puts all the necessary rules and technical measures to protect all personal information that we store and use. All employees of our casino who have access to all personal information of our customers undertake to respect the casino user's right to confidential play. When processing data, all information will remain confidential.

Our clients have the right to stop the processing and storage of information, but you will have to notify us by any means available in advance. However, stopping the processing and storage of your data will mean the closure of your account in the casino.

Our casino reserves the right to change or supplement our privacy policy, so please check back regularly.