You May Try These 3 Tips To Choose An AC For Your Bedroom

Before you decide to buy it helps you try 3 tips on choosing the best AC for the bedroom. So that later when you really have decided to buy and install it in your bedroom will not make you regret it. In addition, the costs you have already spent have not been in vain. Aside from that, if your AC is damaged, don’t hesitate to call the best experts of aire acondicionado tijuana

Here are 3 tips for choosing the best air conditioner for your bedroom:

1. Choose an electric saving air conditioner

Many people ignore the electrical power specifications of the AC that will be purchased. So they often do not pay attention to it and prefer to buy air conditioners at low prices but the use of energy used is very wasteful. If you are confused about choosing, there are inventer features that have been used by a number of AC manufacturers as an alternative. This air conditioner has the advantage of only needing a short time to reach the temperature in the room you want. Then, the first pull in electricity is only 1/3 lower than an AC that has no inventer. The use of electric-saving AC only uses about 30% of the power source so it is smaller than an ordinary AC.

2. Considering health aspects

There are many electronic companies produce air conditioners that have technology capable of killing viruses and bacteria called plasmacluster. This has been proven by a series of trials that have been carried out. The trial was conducted in a room with an area of 320 square meters with an average humidity of 80%. The result is negative and positive ions in plasmacluster able to eradicate bacteria and fungi within 6 hours.

3. Choose the need for air conditioning and adjust the room area

Some AC owners think that AC a half PK suits a small room. Conversely, large rooms require air conditioning with a capacity of 2 PK. In fact, there is a formula to determine the area of the room and the AC unit needed. Some of you might already know if AC has the term PK (Paard Kracht / Horse Power). This measure explains the unit level of cooling capacity in the air conditioner.

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