You Can Do These 3 Healthy Frying Tips From Experts

Eating too much-fried food not only causes high cholesterol, heart disease, and stroke, but also mag. How come? Then, is there another way for fried lovers to continue to be able to eat these foods and avoid stomach disease? Aside from that, you can visit if you’re looking for a device that can fry your foods healthily.

According to heart and blood vessel specialists, there are 3 healthy frying tips you can follow, they are:

1. Replace palm oil, margarine, or butter with extra light olive oil or sunflower oil. If you don’t need to deep fry it, just use frying spray.

2. When using extra light olive oil or sunflower oil, heat the oil sufficiently, not too long.

3. If you want to fry, don’t use oil that has been used many times.

It’s better not at all

There are many reasons to leave fried food, especially if you don’t cook it yourself, but buy it from a fried food seller.

That’s because of the danger of fried wrapping paper that the ink will accumulate in the body, the risk of bacterial infection because fried has been exposed to dust and pollution, to the danger of cancer from the use of plastic bags as hot food wrappers.

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