This Is How To Install Earth Rods For Electrical Installations

Mount the earth rod into the ground. It is better to install (plant) ground/earth rods in such a way using only the help of a hand, aka not hammering. If in planting the earthen rods are anchored rocks should be shifted to another place by keeping in mind the length of the BC cable against the location of the safety box. For this reason, why don’t you hammer the planting of the earth stem, because it is feared that the ground/earth rod will bend even worse if the copper layer on the stem is peeled off? Keep in mind that ground/earth rods that are commonly sold are usually made of galvanized iron/steel, aka copper coated and this copper layer which more or less affects the conductivity level of the grounding rods. Aside from that, you may hire the best Staten Island Electrician if you need an expert to solve the electrical problems at your house.

In order to make it easier to use water assistance to soften the soil layer planted with the earth/ground rod. Besides that, you can mix the water used for planting the grounding with charcoal powder or rubbing ash. A mixture of water with charcoal powder/rub ash is quite effective to improve barriers in the soil. Remember, in the administration of the water mixture, of course, it is used when planting grounding, aka the mixture water must be absorbed in the hole where the ground/earth rod is located. If you only sprinkle above ground level, of course, it’s useless because the charcoal powder/rubbing ash will have no function.

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