These Are 4 Things You Must Know About Electric Panel’s Maintenance

Electric panels are devices that are vital enough to distribute electricity from the center to the load. It’s because there are many components in it that can make electricity distribution better, safer, and of course neat. This tool is usually used in office buildings, hotels, hospitals, factories, and other commercial buildings. The building manager is obliged to hold responsibility for the performance of the electrical panel and its maintenance. If there are parts which are damaged, it must be repaired quickly by the residential electrician columbia sc that can be trusted.

If you want to avoid damage to the electrical panel, of course, there are ways to do it. One of them is doing electrical panel maintenance appropriately. With proper electrical panel maintenance, you will avoid unwanted events.

Not only that, the maintenance of the electric panel has various objectives such as the following:

To extend the life of electrical equipment.
Increase reliability, availability, and efficiency.
Reducing the risk of damage or failure of equipment.
Reduces the length of time out due to interference with the panel.
Improve security on equipment.

This goal can only be achieved through proper electrical panel maintenance. Then what is the right way to maintain electrical panels? Please refer to the following points.

4 What You Need to Know About Electric Panel Maintenance

1. Predictive maintenance

This maintenance is done by predicting the condition of electrical equipment. So it can be determined when and whether the possibility of electrical equipment or electrical panels will fail or not

2. Preventive maintenance

As the name implies, preventive means preventing. So this maintenance is done to prevent the sudden occurrence of equipment and to maintain the performance of the optimal equipment according to the technical age. Such maintenance can be categorized as time-based maintenance.

3. Corrective maintenance

This maintenance is carried out in a planned manner at the specified time. Usually when this corrective maintenance is there is a spare part that has been damaged and then replaced with a better / new one.

4. Maintenance breakdown

This maintenance is sudden. So it will be carried out when the damage appears suddenly and the emergency conditions.

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