Some Culture In England

Never set aside the culture of a country if we do not want to get treated badly there. Every country has rules and culture that we must respect so that we can get respect. With, we might be better able to understand the everyday terms used by British citizens. But we also have to understand their culture when we live there.

Man and woman
Men and women are seen as equal in Britain. Compared to Asian countries, men’s and women’s relations in the UK are more informal. How to interact depends on age and status. If for the first time you are still confused, consider the people around you, how they interact with each other. You will not need a long time to adapt.

Table Manner
Table manner in the UK is quite continental. Use the fork with the left hand and the knife with the right hand. When you have finished eating, show it by stopping your knife and fork to the right of your plate.

Sport is a part of life for British citizens. The sport became increasingly popular after the huge success at the 2012 London Games. From football to rugby, biking to running competitions, Britons love to be involved in sports activities. You can join a lot of gyms and find many beautiful parks as a place to cycle. Universities also often hold sports activities. Starting from general sports like soccer and netball, to unique sports like capoeira and belly dancing. Joining sports activities in the UK not only helps you to maintain your health but is also an excellent way to socialize. You can even join a hiking club to enjoy the beauty of the mountains like Mount Snowdon in North Wales.

Arts and Theater
Theater and performances are very popular in England. In London, you can find various dance shows, dramas, and musicals. Performances always take a tour around the city, and there is a theater in various parts of the UK.

England is a country rich in history. It would be very unfortunate if you did not use your college time to get to know and study English history. You can visit various palaces, historic churches and other interesting architecture which will give you an idea of ​​the long history of England.

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