Prevent Spam With Email Verification

Even though nowadays social media becomes one of the most popular platforms of marketing, it is proven that email marketing is still the most successful strategy. However, there are many things to consider in sending email marketing and one of the most important processes is email verification. This process will let you know whether the email is active or not and reduce the chance of your email categorized as spam. Over time, spam filters become tighter. Because spam filters regularly change to keep up with new technology and types of spam that are increasingly developing. Anything that can be sent to your inbox in an email today might be spam tomorrow. Therefore, spam is a critical issue that should not be underestimated by marketers because it will affect the reputation of the sender and also email deliverability.

One of the biggest mistakes some marketers might overlook is the double opt-in, in this case, anyone can enter any email address to register someone else. This is where the double opt-in comes into play. When the subscriber receives a confirmation email, asking them to re-verify the email address will confirm the subscription and indicate that they are interested and voluntarily receive regular emails from you. Of course, that can increase engagement opportunities and reduce spam.

Instead of making an opt-in for subscribers, marketers prefer to collect business card e-mails from conferences and skip the opt-in option, even though it violates CAN-SPAM rules. Be sure to obey the rules and understand CAN-SPAM actions in your country.

If your IP address is used by someone else for spam, the email will be marked as spam even if you don’t send spam yourself. Use a reliable email service provider, which has strict rules and regulations regarding IP protection. Webmail providers appreciate the importance of opened emails and consider the recipient’s responsibility as a major factor in spam filtering decisions. As a result, if the open rate is low, the chances of spam will increase. To increase the open rate, you can make different segments, use interesting subject lines and send emails at the right time.

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