Make Your Own Provisional Driver Licence

Do you want to learn to drive a car? And having a driver license for your legality but you are under the age?
Don’t worry you still have lots of help from other people who can give you a provisional driver license especially if it a fake id. You can also make more than one provisional license driver if you want to give it to your family members. As you know if there are many processes that you have to do to make this card. Not only that, if you are an immigrant it might be more difficult even though you have lived a long time in the UK. You can ask your parents or adults who you know as your driving instructor. It is important for your documentation.

As we know identity is important nowadays and many people ignore it.
To make a provisional driver licence you may need important documents to ensure that you are an official resident of Great Britain such as a birth certificate, or naturalization certificate. You may need this card as soon as possible to simplify your work in the UK. A fake id that you create only require colorful photos by showing a full head.
Generally, you also have to have good health conditions that you can prove with a medical record from a particular hospital because if you have health problems, you cannot drive properly.
Your eye condition must also be good to ensure that you are not color blind, nearsighted or farsighted. Faking medical records can harm yourself especially if you have a history of chronic diseases that can affect your driving.
Is that all you need? Yes, because they can create a new identity for you and you can be sure also if your license provisional driver will not be suspected by the police.

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