How To Make A Bathroom Provide Tranquility

After a tiring day of activities outside the home, before enjoying a restful sleep in a bed, cleaning the body first will make us more refreshed and sleep soundly. But you realize, in addition to cleaning the body, the bathroom can also be used as a place of relaxation that can restore stamina and improve mood. If your bathroom looks old and you want to get the tranquillity back then it needs renovation. To renovate your bathroom for a place of relaxation you need help from bathroom shower remodelprofessional bathroom renovation northern virginia and there are several things you need to have in your bathroom.

1. Bathtub with the appropriate size and shape. There are many shapes and models of bathtubs to choose from. Because the goal is to enjoy comfortable relaxation, you need to choose the form that is most comfortable for you to use, so you feel comfortable spending a long time in your bathroom. For the color, you can adjust it with other furniture. Like the picture above that carries the theme of Victorian style, the designer accentuates its design by choosing a light brown color combined with a cream color. The floor uses a dark brown color that gives a warm and elegant impression.

2. Place candles in the bathroom. Candles that emit the aroma of essential oils are believed to calm the mood. This scent will enter through the nose that is connected with the brain so that our minds will feel more relaxed and sleep more soundly and calmly. There are various types of essential oils that you can choose, including the aroma of lavender, lemon, bergamot orange, jasmine, and so forth.

3. Add bubble bath. Besides being able to cleanse your body more optimally, a bubble bath will produce maximum foam that you can play. Your bathing activity will feel relaxed and very pleasant. The body will feel fresh because the skin is getting smoother and softer. When enjoying a bath with a bubble bath, you can also adjust the temperature of the water you want to use for bathing. You can choose warm water or cold water.

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