How to Extract Honey with a Machine

Beeswax makes beehives stick to their frames. Use a blunt knife, fork, or butter knife to peel the wax and open both sides of the beehive frame. If you have a spare frame, you can get rid of the old frame and open the honeycomb on the outside. Tuck your spare frame into the beehive after removing the old frame. This method is generally recommended because it minimizes your exposure to angry bees. To extract honey, you can visit our website to get the best Honey Extractors.

You should immediately process the hive after removing it. At that time, honey was still quite liquid. But it will start to harden if left unchecked. If the honey begins to harden before you can process it, keep it in a warm, sunny place to warm it up so that it will melt again.

Enter the beehive into the extractor machine. Extracting machines are available in manual or electronic choices. On any type of machine, you must insert the beehive frame directly into the jar. Pinch the honeycomb frame so it doesn’t move. The exact way to get a beehive into the extractor is different from one machine model to another. Be sure to follow the instructions for the machine model you are using, or understand how it works.

Rotate the beehive frame. Press the engine by hand or start it and let the motor work. As long as the machine rotates the beehive frame, honey will flow down to the tube wall. From there, honey will slow down gradually. Strain honey using a cheesecloth. Put a few layers of cheesecloth on a bucket of honey, and place the bucket under the extractor funnel. Open the funnel and let the honey filter through a cheesecloth. This filtering process will separate the honeycomb flakes, candles, or impurities that enter during the extraction process. The process of extracting and filtering honey may take several hours, so be patient.

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