Here Are Some Ways To Measure Your Wrist Before Buying Watches

Watches are accessories most often used by men and women. Many brands and types of watches that you can use. Watches themselves become accessories that are liked by many people. You can use shinola watches as a quality watch. The quality of your watch must be noticed. Watches that have good quality usually have an expensive price.

Another thing you also need to consider is the size of the watch. You must know the size of your wrist first. there is a way to measure your wrist.

Take a flexible measuring tape or paper strip.
Circle around your arm.
If you are thin, your wrists only range from 14-16 cm. Slim wrists are usually 16cm in size. The medium wrist is usually 17 cm in size and above 18cm is the thick wrist.
You have to use the right size to watch. If the size of your watch is too big or too small, your appearance will look bad.

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